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sar3web - Becoming better known every day.

Webdesign, Social Media and Online Marketing... we are dealing with them all.

We help the SMB to be more known and to increase their revenue. We develop for and with the clients online strategies and we set them to work in a controlled way. We design websites and maintain them.

  • Web Design and Development - We help the client to fulfill the absolute basics of the online world. We create new websites, but pimp up old websites as well. We speak react, vue, wordpress, JavaScript, Gatsby and other technologies. We give you the best advice.
  • Online Marketing - We help to promote your services and products.
  • eCommerce - We support you in creation and maintenance of a successful Online Shop
  • Consulting - We consult to online topics like social media, content marketing. We show you the musts and best practices to be successful.

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We have no limits on technologies. Everything goes. Though, we did some good experiences with the following technologies:

  • Wordpress - a CMS for websites, which need to be updated regularly. The updates can be done by the customer. There are thousends of templates and themes for a website, which we can adapt to your wishes. Also used for e-commerce sites.
  • GatsbyJS - for static sites, which do not need frequent changes. The site is much more performant and it's favoured by google search engines.
  • free web design without Frameworks - we plan, design and develop your site as the client requires. Everything goes...
  • Google Analytics - for statistics and performance analysis.
  • Facebook Ads & Google AdWords - online ads on the largest ad platforms, you cannot avoid it
  • SSL - Secure websites as default

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Featured Projects

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