Switzerland by Stojanovic aka sto

About us

sar3 (speak [sartrз]) is a Swiss based company with offices in Switzerland and Serbia. Since 1999, we provide engineering and consulting services in Switzerland, Serbia, U.S.A. and Asia. We share our profits and stand for sustainable production.

We accept new clients only upon the recommendation of our blissful customers.

The company is fully owned by Dejan Stojanović (aka sto) with unlimited liability.

What we do

We empower people and businesses to deliver more and efficiently.

We invests in businesses for

  • IT engineering and development
  • telecommunication and infrastructure services
  • trade and e-commerce
  • fintech

We operate ventures with focus on

  • consulting
  • media publishing
  • marketing
  • small and midsize businesses


sar3 Switzerland by Stojanovic aka sto
Klostermühlestr. 11B
8840 Einsiedeln